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Emotional and stress eaters who turn to food, eating, dieting, and/or weight loss for comfort

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I take a comprehensive approach to problem solving.  As a hybrid mental health professional, holistic health coach, and personal trainer, I offer an integrative trauma-informed online coaching program to help men and women stop struggling against themselves and integrate body, mind, and soul for holistic weight loss and lifelong health. Everyone has unique needs, desires, and resources. Whether you’re looking to simply learn the science of our mind-body-soul system as it relates to disordered eating or hoping to work through your emotional blocks together in real time, I like to personalize the coaching experience to meet the needs of each individual. My integrative, strengths-based approach is strongly informed by psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy as well as internal family systems theory and psycho-education. My sessions are conducted online, so I am fortunate enough to work individually with men and women all over the world. If you are interested in working together, please click here to fill out my coaching application form.  I have found that my system works best for these groups of people:

Yoyo and/or chronic dieters who have lost and gained weight multiple times despite following their programs perfectly

Hardworking, driven, determined “go-getters” who have succeeded in most or all areas of life except weight loss


Mind-Body-Soul Connection

The first portion of the program consists of psycho-education. You deserve to understand the consequences of your decisions. In order for you to be in the driver’s seat of your health, you have to be informed about what is actually going on inside of your brain when you think, feel, and do certain things. It’s not always what you’d expect or desire, but learning this information lays the groundwork for sustainable change. You will be informed about how exactly the mind and body are connected, and your outlook will begin to shift. We’ll break down the overview of how to go from where you are now to where you want to be. What exactly does this process look like and how do you get the most from it?


R.I.P Dieting

We’ll reveal the root causes of your issues with food, eating, and your body. We’ll work together to uncover the reasons behind your current self-sabotage and occasional lack of motivation. We’ll evaluate your current lifestyle, stressors, triggers, strengths, and challenges to get a clear vision of what we’re working with and finally make sense out of your confusing, frustrating, and out of control behaviors. You will be able to actually comprehend how exactly you got here and how exactly you’ll get out. The dots begin to connect and you’ll begin to see that it’s not your fault. It never has been.


Health Over Weight

You’ll learn how to design a lifestyle that lends itself to natural, effortless weight loss and health. You will build new habits and start giving up the habits that no longer serve you. It will make sense why your stress, emotion, eating habits, and weight are all deeply connected. Best part is, now you’ll know what to do about it. You’ll build a system of healthy coping skills and learn how, when, and what to do with your feelings instead of eating (or starving) them.


Lifestyle Change

This step is about the ongoing evolution, unfolding, and maintenance of a healthy mind-body-soul connection. As you move through the process, we’ll be able to break through the daily challenges of changing your mindset together, so you learn to embody this new approach with my guidance. I know a whole lot of shortcuts and tricks because I’ve walked much of the path myself; you’ll collect them as you go.


Balance and Freedom for Life

We’ll talk about your plan for moving forward and how to set you up for success. This program is built upon the principle that you live in this body for the rest of your life, so the ‘mental maintenance’ plan is not to be overlooked. I won’t lie, it can be challenging to think and act differently than the rest of our diet-focused society, so I care a lot about supporting you throughout the transition into your new reality.


The Out of the Cave Coaching Course is a 14 week group coaching class that takes place 100% online, meaning you can take it anywhere in the world.  Together we will create the support you need to achieve your goals and maintain them for the rest of your life.  The group coaching program includes two calls a week with me, one 2-hour call where I share my tools for lifelong health and one 1.5-hour call where I run a live Q&A to answer your questions and discuss how to make those tools work for your unique situation.  You will also receive at home exercises to complete, 24 hour community support in our private facebook group, and email access to me throughout the course so you can reach out privately with questions or problems that may come up for you.

I also offer one on one coaching for individuals who are ready to jump right into the deep end and face their habits and resistances head on.  One on one coaching consists of one 3-hour call with me in which we totally deconstruct your lifestyle, emotional habits, attitude towards food and exercise, and past diets or programs you've tried and why they didn't work.  At the end of that call, you will have a full understanding of what experiences in your life shaped your relationship with food and how you can move forward to become a healthier you.  I will leave you with multiple resources to continue your learning at home, and you can reach out via email with additional questions.  One on one coaching can take place independently or concurrently with my group coaching program.

Ready to make a commitment to yourself? Apply now to work with me!

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