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***This virtual workshop is a video download that you can watch and re-watch at your own pace!***


How do you feel when you get on the scale? How do you feel when you look in the mirror? How do you feel when you can’t stop eating? While these experiences occur on the physical dimension and involve our bodies, they also influence the way we feel mentally and emotionally. And, because eating and dieting can be used to regulate our emotions, how we feel internally affects the way we behave externally. Simply put: human beings are mind-body systems. However, when we struggle with weight management, over- or under-eating, yoyo-dieting, and/or body image issues, we tend to consider them physical problems requiring physical interventions (such as diet and exercise), without considering our mental and emotional (invisible) markers of health.


There are many reasons why 98% of dieters gain their weight back, obesity rates continue to climb, and Weight Watchers just partnered with a meditation app: the mind-body connection is our key to sustainable, holistic, long-term health. Connecting the dots between trauma, stress, emotion, coping, eating, food, and dieting, this workshop will be a launchpad for audience members to understand themselves in a new way and move forward with practical knowledge and skills for establishing their healthiest and happiest lives.


In this workshop you will learn:

  • Why diets don’t work longterm
  • Why you eat (and can’t stop) when you’re not hungry
  • Why you keep turning back to diets, even though you’re sick and tired of them
  • Why you feel defeated, hopeless, confused and stuck in your relationship with food AND what to do about it


After this workshop you will be able to:

  • Stop counting, tracking, portioning, weighing, and measuring your food
  • Create a more balanced lifestyle that supports your holistic health
  • Practice skills that strengthen your mind-body connection
  • Use evidence based techniques to conquer cravings, manage stress, and cope with triggers
  • Identify the ways in which your brain and body are currently disconnected
  • How to return to a state of internal connection and alignment

Emotional Eating 101

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