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Welcome to your first step to a life of freedom.

First, watch this video for call details:

Here's what to expect:

Hi! We've received your booking and your application and are reviewing it now. Make sure to set aside time to watch all the videos on this page before your call.


I am so excited to connect with you 1-1! Be sure to be in a quiet room with no distractions at the time of your call. Looking forward to seeing you soon :)

Be sure to watch these videos before we meet!

Program Overview

FAQ: Is this therapy? What is coaching vs. therapy?

FAQ: How is this different than other programs/approaches?

FAQ: Can I be on a diet during the program?

FAQ: Will this program help me lose weight?

In the meantime... check out these client testimonials:


"I feel like I now have the awareness to live the healthy lifestyle I've wanted . . . It truly changed my life!"

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- Rachel G

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