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"Here's what it comes down to:  Our relationship with food can be our gateway to a richer human experience, and Lisa Schlosberg is the guide I absolutely want with me on that journey!


I'm a 57 yo woman and mother of 4 who has trained in a wide range of nutritional philosophies, holistic healing modalities, and emotional integration techniques...and my relationship with food was still fraught.  Since the age of 12 I had been stuck in a circular pattern of losing and gaining weight that I clearly recognized but could not fully extricate myself from.  


The last, and biggest, bout of weight gain came during a time of intense activism and the huge life transition of moving across the country.  If you think about it, that should have nothing to do with food and eating, but we all know it does.  Why? and How do we heal that? are the questions Lisa's comprehensive program helps you answer for yourself.  


Stress, in varied forms and intensity, is an inescapable part of life.  A troubled relationship with food and your body is not.  The deep knowledge, powerful work, compassion, humor and community that Lisa offers facilitates an honest, loving and transformative relationship with self.  It's freeing me from a 45-year battle and creating a more beautiful voyage through life.  


If you are suffering in this realm, you deserve the mind-body-soul wellbeing that Out of the Cave Group Coaching can bring." - Gina