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It’s time to finally heal your relationship with food and body image for GOOD by learning how to connect deeply to yourself in a safe container with like-minded individuals. 

Inviting all emotional and stress eaters, yo-yo and/or chronic dieters, this one's for YOU!

The Out of the Cave membership is here to help you break free from the destructive cycles of emotional eating, restrictive dieting, and yo-yo weight changes and restore you back to peace, freedom, and independence.

Do you find yourself...

  • Overeating

  • Under-eating

  • Mindless eating

  • Stress eating

  • Emotionally eating

  • Compulsively dieting

  • Losing weight

  • Gaining weight

  • Counting calories

Are you...

  • Struggling in your relationship with food, weight, and/or body image?

  • Seeking answers and guidance around food/eating/weight management that aren’t from the diet industry? 

  • Desperately attempting to “just eat like a normal person”  but feel like you have no idea how to do that or where to start?

  • Excited about the idea of “intuitive eating” but find it doesn’t really work for you?

  • Looking for an approach to health and healing that is rooted in love rather than fear?

I see your determination. I hear your confusion. I deeply feel your pain.

I once was there too.

After an entire childhood of “morbid obesity” and many years of failed dieting and exercise programs, I finally realized what was holding myself and so many others back from the health and quality of life I longed for. After losing 150 pounds at age 18, I learned firsthand why 95-98% of dieters gain the weight back (plus some). Even though it was undoubtedly easier and more comfortable for me to physically live in my body after weight loss, I was now unexpectedly struggling with the lifetime of emotion my overeating and obesity helped me suppress. For the first time in my life, the mind-body connection revealed itself: now that my physical “shield of armor” was gone, I had to learn how to cope with my feelings and the complexities of living an honest human experience. (Not the journey I signed up for!)
As I switched my focus to holistic health over weight, I made a commitment to cut ties with diet culture and began exploring a mind-body approach to healing my relationship with food and my body. By getting to the root reasons I was 300+ pounds to begin with and learning how to treat my mental, emotional, spiritual, and social health, my uncontrollable weight fluctuations and compulsive eating habits effortlessly began to stabilize. To my own shock and awe, I was able to naturally maintain my weight and restore my mind-body system to balance without dieting, tracking, portioning, weighing, measuring OR putting myself on a scale. 

That’s what I want for you.

Through my experience, it became clear to me that we cannot solve an emotional problem with a physical solution. I learned that all “food-related” issues are actually an external manifestation of the same internal conflict.

*cue mind explosion* 

My purpose on the planet is to help others see what is possible for their health and achieve the peace, freedom, and independence I experienced too. Over the years, I have become a Certified Personal Trainer, Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach, Licensed Social Worker, Registered Yoga Instructor, and CEO of my very own business committed to practicing a mind-body-soul way of eating and living.
However the struggle in your relationship with food manifests for you, the bottom line is that there is a disconnection between your mind and your body that needs your attention and care. By using my signature methodology, my clients have been able to let go of the bandaid “fix what you eat” approach, which is not sustainable long-term (because it gives your power away & does not connect you to yourself!). Instead, they receive education, skills, evidence-based tools, and resources while learning and practicing how to embody a mind-body-soul system that is connected. The transformation was, and always is, unique to each individual.
As I watched one client after another reconnect to themselves through exploring this life-changing and paradigm-shifting approach, I saw the power of helping people reclaim the steering wheel of their health and lives.
I got inspired and excited to make this opportunity even more accessible. I wanted to create an even bigger way to impact others with this holistic approach... To be a guiding light “Out of the Cave” during this time, here to support YOU in taking your power, body, health, and life back. 


Meet the Out of the Cave membership.

The Out of the Cave membership is for you if...

  • You’ve “tried it all” but still don’t feel clear around food or connected to yourself

  • You are looking to invest in your healing for the rest of your life (versus seeking a temporary or band-aid solution for the time being)

  • You are interested in the mind-body connection as it relates to food/eating

  • You are open to doing inner/deeper (mental, emotional, spiritual) work

The Out of the Cave membership is not for you if...

  • You are feeling content on a diet and don't want to think about what comes next for you

  • You are not open to exploring yourself in a deeper way or connecting to your emotions

  • You are looking for a quick fix or immediate solution so you can be “done” with this

  • You want me to give you a cookie-cutter “works for everyone” kind of plan

The Out of the Cave membership includes:

2 LIVE 90 minute calls every month with me (Q&A, open coaching)
2 signature workshop virtual downloads ($50 value)
Exclusive access to schedule 1-1 sessions with me
24/7 discussion board forum to ask questions and receive personalized support
A supportive community of people who are just like you


And there’s more inside! You will also get access to new content every month, including meditations & mindfulness practices, homework assignments to help you dive in and do the work, journal prompts, and more.

I am not here to be your guru or give you the same roadmap that worked for me. My intention here is to help you reconnect yourself and guide you back home to your mind-body-soul system in a way that works for you.

You deserve a life free from restriction and a supportive community meeting you where you are without shame.

Take a look at what members are saying!

“I so highly recommend that anyone who has struggled with the ramifications of years of dieting and body image issues seek out a chance to work with Lisa Schlosberg as soon as possible. I felt like I had hit a wall with just not being able to deal with my litany of eating and weight struggles anymore and knew I could not face another diet, but didn’t know what to do instead. I started working with Lisa and now I feel a peace around food that I could never have believed was possible. I have learned and grown so much through our work together and I will be forever grateful!” - Jen

“If you are considering signing up with Lisa, I would highly encourage you to do it – it’s about more than just figuring out how to feed your body, but about addressing the underlying causes of dysfunctional eating so you can be free of ‘diet culture’ forever.”

- Meredith

“Working with Lisa has been life-changing. I have learned such valuable tools for listening to my mind and body. I am no longer defined by how lean I am or how perfectly I hit my macros. I have learned to feel my feelings, rather than turning to food to numb them. Being free of my obsession with food has been life-changing. I am a better wife, mother, and business owner and I'm enjoying life more than ever. Lisa's work has been the greatest investment I've ever made in myself. She is so real, so relatable, and so caring and I cannot ever thank her enough for the help she has given me!” - Mary

“Lisa has been mind-blowingly helpful for me because she has lived it. I can’t tell you how many professionals I have worked with who have never lived in a 300lb body. They don’t know how it feels to live and exist in our world as an obese person. There is a shorthand in communication and empathy that I have yet to find elsewhere. It took my healing to depths I had never explored within myself and especially not with a coach. I am more connected to myself, body and mind, than I ever have been thanks to Lisa’s guidance. What Lisa teaches is life-changing, paradigm-shifting and massive. The antithesis of a get rich quick scheme. It’s from the top down, from the soul out. Holistic healing. I am so grateful.” - Erica

“I am transforming my life every day because of Lisa. Her approach to mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness is so poignantly different from everything else I had tried or heard of—understanding not only your emotional self but the brain science behind our behaviors is the reason, I believe, that Lisa's program works for the long run. In a world that tells us things are black and white or offers ‘quick fixes,’ Lisa teaches about the long road, about imperfectly practicing every day for the rest of our lives.” - Emily

“If you want to change your relationship with food and yourself, I highly recommend working with Lisa. She will help you unpack your resistance, your reluctance and your downright stubbornness to not want to change. She will help you to develop clarity to work through and past your traumas that left you coping using food. Once you clearly see it, you can't unsee it, thus you will begin the beautiful journey to living the life you know you are meant to live. Thank you Lisa for being you and showing up for me so I can show up for myself.” - Jeff

“Over the time we worked together, I felt nothing short of a complete transformation. She is a kind and patient teacher, and helped me realize how I had gotten to this place and how my issues with food were not really about food at all. Every week was an emotional journey that helped me connect the dots that I just could not connect on my own. She helped me realize that coming back to mySELF was the only way out of the dark place I was in.” - Stacy

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