Meet Lisa!

Lisa Schlosberg, LMSW, HHC, CPT, RYT is a trauma informed online coach for people struggling with weight loss and overall health.  Her first hand experience with the struggles of weight and health, from childhood obesity to extreme under-eating later in life, showed her how badly the diet and weight loss industry needed to be re-examined.  After trying every diet and weight loss program in existence, Lisa realized that the fundamental lack in every single one of these programs was a profound ignorance to how emotional needs manifest physically in cravings and addictions.  If the biggest problem you have with food is that you’re an emotional eater, it’s not a problem you have with food; it’s a question about how you’re coping – or not – with your emotions.  That realization led Lisa to found Out of the Cave and help everyone find true health.

Meet Alé!

Alé Cardinalle, MSW is a proud member of the Out of the Cave team. A former teacher, turned social worker, turned mindset coach, Alé has a passion for helping people find their own strength and stand in their power. Like many people who find Lisa, Alé was done with yo-yo dieting but found herself stressed and confused with the anti-diet counter culture. Lisa and Alé attended and graduated NYU’s Silver School of Social Work at the same time. Through school they became connected as colleagues and friends. Now Alé is using her experience to be an arm of support, both behind the scenes and directly with clients.

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Meet Erica!

Weight Watchers at 8 years old.  Weight loss camp at 11.  A three month liquid diet at 18. Erica spent 30 years in a battle with her body.  Not a day went by where her body size did not sit front row in her life.  No matter the number on the scale, the mental gymnastics it took to survive in her body were always there and always the same.  Lisa's holistic healing was the paradigm shift Erica had been searching for!


Erica Summers (assistant and hype woman for Out of the Cave) lives in Los Angeles with her two adorably mischievous rescue pups Rick and Sue.

Meet Michael!

As a filmmaker who specializes in digital web media, Michael Felicio works together with Lisa and the crew to make uplifting and meaningful content that is posted to her social channels like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and beyond!


In his own words, "Working with Lisa is so great because I can tell how much she truly cares about her clients and people she works with. She is extremely kind, but at the same time extremely real and says the s*** you need to hear. And it's easy to see why she cares so deeply about others on their journey because she was also, and still is on that journey to this day! In a nutshell, Lisa is inspirational, hilarious, intelligent and an overall pleasure to work with always!"